About Vet MINDS

Vet MINDS stands for miscarriage, infertility, neonatal death and stillbirth. We exist to support all members of the veterinary profession facing these issues. Vet MINDS was founded in 2019 after an initial conversation showed not only just how many are affected, but what an incredible support network we can form.

Our Goals:

  1. To provide support to all veterinary professionals facing baby loss and infertility
  2. To raise awareness and help break the silence around baby loss and infertility in the veterinary profession, and beyond
  3. To increase understanding of these issues, and work to produce positive change

These are hugely personal issues, and it isn’t right for everyone to talk about their experiences openly. But every time we do have a conversation, share a story, or wear a badge of support, it has little ripples. We will never know the breadth of these ripples, or the people they may be quietly helping.

We cannot do anything to reduce the number of our colleagues who will go through baby loss and infertility, but together, we can make a huge difference to how they experience it.