List of books around babyloss and infertility from The Miscarriage Association:
Trying by Emily Phillips: A fiction book about trying to conceive; funny, honest, accurate
Dead Babies and Seaside Towns by Alice Jolly: prizewinning fiction on a woman’s journey to conceive again after stillbirth, from miscarriage to IVF to adoption

The Uterine Monologues: Brilliantly honest blog by a journalist about her experiences of recurrent miscarriage and trying to conceive
This Vet Runs: A blog written by vet and Vet MINDS founder Nat Scroggie about her experience of miscarriage, and how exercise has helped her deal with this

Article about coping with miscarriage in society today by Jenny Agg, author of The Uterine Monologues

BMJ Learning Podcast for GPs about miscarriage:
Interview with Vet MINDS founder Nat Scroggie about her experience with miscarriage
Conversation between Vet MINDS team members Nat Scroggie and Cat Auden about baby loss and infertility in the profession on the ‘Borboygmi’ podcast:

Series of beautiful animations breaking the silence around babyloss, by Tommy’s

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